Penny Davidi

Since the beginning, Celebrity Chef and Sysco Foods Culinary Sales Consultant, Penny Davidi has been the Cuisine of the Sun Festival’s curator. Similar to previous years, she has taken on the responsibility for inviting the celebrity chefs participating in this year’s event and is providing direction with the overall structure of the festival.

Born of Iranian-American decent and raised in California, Davidi is an innovative chef who has used the experiences in her family’s kitchen as a launching pad to create recipes that fuse creativity with unique personality. Since the beginning of her career, this talented chef has made numerous appearances on different cooking shows, including Season 7 of the Food Network Star, Chopped All Stars Season 2, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Kitchen Inferno. In 2014, she helped open PUMP Lounge in West Hollywood as Executive Chef and Menu Curator.

17 February, 2018
Jamika Pessoa
5 March, 2018
Tregaye Fraser