Cuisine of the Sun

International Food and Wine Festival 2017

Cuisine of the Sun 2017

A Grand Finale to A Grandiose Affair

The exclusive festival, which came to a close on April 29, 2017 left guests, local officials, and celebrity chefs so enamored that they couldn’t wait to begin plans for what will be another spectacular event.

The Cuisine of the Sun International Food and Wine Festival, held at the AAA Four-Diamond resort, exposes guests to sensational talent, supreme entertainment, and once in a lifetime experiences while allowing them to mingle with some of the world’s most celebrated chefs. The Grand Finale of the 2017 Cuisine of the Sun Festival proved to be a grandiose affair, with high-ranking government officials, celebrity guests, and esteemed members of the Villa Group family in attendance. Partygoers were treated to a sensational show as live music, fashion models and millions of dollars in diamonds took the stage in an energetic and entertaining tribute to the chefs who made this year’s event such as success and the culinary flair the region has become known for.
Guests were also treated to a delicious array of food and spirits, prepared by celebrity chefs and mixologists, including Penny Davidi, the festival’s curator, two-time Michelin Star winner Gilles Epie, Food Network celebrities Rahm Fama, Chris Kyler, Pat Neely, Davina Thomasula, Michelle Ragussis, and Martita Jara, in addition to Dakota Weiss, Israel Diaz, and Cloyce Martin who celebrated his birthday right on stage./p>


Those in attendance could clearly feel the excitement of the evening as they danced and dined the night away on the resort’s beach, overlooking the sweeping vistas of Banderas Bay and the swaying palms in the distance.  Individual booths, featuring the gourmet creations of each of the chefs, and the multifaceted runway enclosed the venue creating a fun, yet exclusive feel to the evening.  The culmination of excitement came with a fantastic fireworks display, which added the perfect touch to what was an incredible four days of food, entertainment, and luxury.


For those who missed out on the splendor of this year’s Cuisine of the Sun International Food and Wine Festival, there is always another opportunity next year.  The third edition, as will all of the Villa Group events, promises to be an experience that will far exceed your expectations.

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