Rahm Fama

The Cuisine of the Sun International Culinary Festival is pleased to welcome return guest, Rahm Fama.  Well known in the foodie industry as the meat-loving host of the Food Network’s show Meat and Potatoes, Fama is a master in the kitchen. His passion for cooking and culinary curiosity has led him to prestigious positions at various kitchens around the United States, including as executive chef of La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, where he turned the Fuego restaurant into an international sensation and at the Lodge at Vail in Colorado, where he oversaw the operations of both the Wildflower and Cucina Rustica, two world-renowned restaurants. Although still relatively young for such a long list of accomplishments, Rahm Fama is a well-respected chef who continues to impress foodies with his creative dishes and culinary expertise.

29 November, 2016
Michele Ragussis
12 December, 2016
Chris Kyler